Led Zeppelin : The Biggest Rock Band Ever

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Led Zeppelin is the biggest rock n roll band ever. They became a legendary band that influenced the forthcoming generations of hard rock, heavy rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, punk rock and alternative rock musicians. Led Zeppelin were formed in 1968 by Jimmy Page (guitar), Robert Plan (vocals), John Paul Jones (bass guitar, keyboards) and John Bohnam (drums). Led Zeppelin's first album was released in January 1969, shortly after their first tour and it was a powerful combination blues, rock n' roll and boogie influences. Led Zeppelin built the foundations of the hard rock and heavy rock music for the forthcomming decades. The album also featured English folk acoustic masterpieces. Led Zeppelin first album was released by the Atlantic Records in 1969.

In the same year Led Zeppelin released the second album "Led Zeppelin II",which included the all time rock classic "Whole Lotta Love". When the Led Zeppelin II was released, it was Atlantic Records’ fastest selling album at 100,000 copies a week.

In 1970, the band retired to a remote cottage in Wales called Bron-Yr-Aur for the writing of their third album "Led Zeppelin III", which was released that same year. Led Zeppelin had been confirmed as one of the most powerful and creative groups in the history of rock music as a live and studio band. In November 1971, the band released their fourth album "Led Zeppelin IV". This fourth album is considered as one of the top albums in the history of rock music and includes the all time classic "Stairway to Heaven".In 1975 Led Zeppelin released the double album "Physical Graffiti" in their new label (Swan Song). The name of Led Zeppelin started being associated in the press where reality and legend where mixed with stories about trashed hotel rooms, groupies, drugs, alcohol and the involvement of Jimmy Page into esoteric and black magic practises.The Presence(1976) and In Though the Out Door(1979) proved to be the last Led Zeppelin albums that were produced. John Bonham was found dead at the home of Jimmy Page on the 25 of September in 1980. After this tragic loss the band announced that they could not play any longer. The album entitled Coda was an unreleased set of recordings and out takes which was released in 1982.

Even in to the 1990’s the music that was produced in the early days of Led Zeppelin is still being played and loved. The music that they play is very persuasive and as popular as before. Even though they broke up ten years ago you would not know they broke because of the way that they are played on the radio. Zeppelin was played fortheir fans and followers.

In 1995, the three members joined at a party when the band inducted the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and jammed along with Joe Perry, Steven Tyler and Neil Young. In 2005, Led Zeppelin received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and were ranked #1 in US cable channel VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock special.

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