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Have you heard band called Slank? If you are Indonesian men of course are already familiar with this band. Yup .... Slank is one of famous rock band in Indonesia. There have been many albums that have been issued and sold a million copies.

Before Slank was formed, there is a group called Cikini Stones Complex (CSC) formed by Ben Setiawan Sidhartha (Bimbim) in the early 80s. The band only played Rolling Stones songs and did not want to play songs from other bands, but they were finally bored and toward the end of the year 1983 this group was disbanded.

Bimbim continue their musical passion with his two brothers Denny and Erwan forming the Red Evil and then changed the name became Slank, a name taken away from the derision of people who often call them boys 'selengean' with additional personnel Bongky (guitar) and Kiki (guitar). Bimbim's residence on Jl. Potlot 14 to be their headquarters.

They could appear at some stage to bring their own songs before Erwan decided to resign because he felt no hope in Slank. Formation formed by the long struggle of the 13th, Bimbim, Kaka, Bongky, Pay and Indra, the new Slank solid.

With the formation Bimbim (Drums), Bongky (Bass), Pay (guitar), Kaka (vocals) and Indra (Keyboard), they began making demos to be offered to the record company.

After repeatedly rejected in 1990 demo finally accepted and began recording his debut album, Suit-Suit ... He...he...he....(Gadis Sexy). Two song from this album : "Memang" and "Maafkan" become hit and rewarded BASF Award for best newcomer category. Their second album, "Kampungan" even the same success.

The involvement of personnel with the drug delivery had cracks this band. At the moment working on the sixth album (Lagi Sedih), Bimbim as the leader finally decided to fire Bongky, Pay and Indra. Kaka and Bimbim still working on his sixth album with the help of additional players.

Instead they recruit Ivanka (Bass), Mohamad Ridho Hafiedz (Ridho) and Abdee Negara (Abdee). This formation lasted until today and they continue to bear the works that affirm their existence in the world of Indonesian music.

Slank is a peace loving group and in fact Slank not only captured the hearts of fans, but also Slank has managed the spirit and solidarity from a generation to have the attitude. And Slank has a fanatical group of fans and creative, which is known as Slankers.

1. 1990 - Suit-Suit....Hehehe (Gadis Sexy)
2. 1991 - Kampungan
3. 1993 - Piss
4. 1995 - Generasi Biru
5. 1996 - Minoritas
6. 1996 - Lagi Sedih
7. 1997 - Tujuh
8. 1998 - Mata Hati Reformasi
9. 1999 - 999+09
10. 2001 - Virus
11. 2003 - Satu Satu
12. 2003 - Bajakan!
13. 2004 - Road to Peace
14. 2005 - PLUR
15. 2006 - Slankissme
16. 2007 - Slow But Sure
17. 2007 - Original Soundtrack "Get Married"
18. 2008 - Slank - The Big Hip
19. 2008 - Anthem For The Broken Hearted
20. 2009 - Original Soundtrack Generasi Biru


Many awards have been achieved by Slank because the consistency of social care. In the year 2008 slank awarded "Inspirator Anak Bangsa" by the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports. In the year 2009 slank awarded "Civil Society Awards 2009" for their sensitivity towards social issues. And many other awards that have been achieved both in and outside the music.

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